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Wiping Rags

We specialize in the rag business, providing a wide variety of reclaimed and mill-end rags in many different put-ups and colors. If you are interested in purchasing rags by the pallet please call us at 1-800-289-4737 for special pallet pricing. Don't see something you are looking for please call us and we will let you know the availability.

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Kimberly Clark Disposable Wipers

Kimberly-Clark Professional* is committed to creating exceptional workplaces that are safer, healthier and more productive. It starts with giving you exactly the right wiper for the job, whether it’s heavy-duty parts cleaning — or a delicate task in the lab. A good product “fit” ensures quality performance, safety and efficiency. So choose your wiper based on your specific needs.

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Sprayway Products

Sprayway Inc. offers hundreds of high-quality, professional strength products expertly formulated for a wide range of applications from light surface cleaners to heavy industrial solvents and degreasers. Click the link to see the products Erie Cotton Products Inc distributes.

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NPS Spilfyter

Spilfyter by NPS Corp offers a full line of quality sorbents and spill kits designed to absorb and contain spills ranging from hydrocarbon-based liquids to non-aggressive and aggressive chemicals. They also have a full offering of specialty spill control products designed to classify the type of spill at hand, render hazardous liquids PH neutral or solidify liquids.

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****FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON ALL RAGS**** SoftRags New White Recycled T-Shirt Cloth Rag Highly absorbent new, washed, white cotton rags Excellent for use in industrial, automotive, staining...

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My Mpowered Story, Greg Rubin

Erie Cotton's family-owned business continues to provide the best products and service thanks to Marquette Savings Bank. Erie Cotton counts on this partnership and looks forward to continued growth.

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