Fytertech Nonwovens offers a full line of quality absorbents and spill kits designed to absorb and contain spills ranging from hydrocarbon-based liquids to non-aggressive and aggressive chemicals. They also have a full offering of specialty spill control products designed to classify the type of spill at hand, render hazardous liquids PH neutral or solidify liquids. 


Sprayway has manufactured a complete line of industrial MRO, automotive, screen print and housekeeping products since 1947. Sprayway has been an innovative industry leader, and its Sprayway Glass Cleaner is recognized as "The World's Best." From automotive detailing to industrial maintenance, whether it is a detailing wax or an industrial lubricant, Sprayway provides wide-ranging industries with the products they need.

Woodbine Products

Woodbine Products is located in Medina, Ohio, just 30 miles south of Cleveland. From our modern FDA registered facility we have been successfully developing and manufacturing premium hand cleaner products for over 50 years. Our original product, Pow’rKleen Medicated Hand Cleaner, was developed in 1960 as a solution to the Ohio Surgeon General’s search for a painless, non-allergenic skin cleanser that would remove grease and dirt while effectively protecting against infections in accident wound victims. Today, we still continue that innovative tradition developing numerous new products including environmentally friendly foaming hand soap and PK Soyl heavy duty hand soap.

My Mpowered Story, Greg Rubin 

Erie Cotton's family-owned business continues to provide the best products and services thanks to Marquette Savings Bank. Erie Cotton counts on this partnership and looks forward to continued growth.

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