Your essential tool for effective oil spill cleanup.

Here's why these pads should be at the top of your list:

Oil-Only Absorption: Our sorbent pads are specially designed to absorb all petroleum-based liquids, from oil and gasoline to kerosene and diesel fuel. They excel at keeping your environment oil-free and pristine.

Heavyweight Performance: These pads are not just lightweight contenders. With their heavyweight construction, they offer exceptional absorbency and strength, ensuring they can handle even the toughest oil-based spills.

Natural Water Repellence: What sets our sorbent pads apart is their natural water-repellent feature. This makes them perfect for environmental applications where you need to selectively absorb oils while repelling water – an eco-friendly solution for oil spill control.

Economical Outdoor Use: Whether it's on a construction site, in industrial settings, or in your garage, these pads are the budget-friendly solution you've been looking for.

With Oil Only Heavyweight Sorbent Pads, you're not just cleaning up spills; you're making a conscious choice to protect your surroundings from petroleum-based contaminants. Keep your space clean, safe, and environmentally responsible with these sorbent pads.

This product ships for free.

This product ships for free.


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