Reclaimed Colored Cotton T-Shirt Rags


Reclaimed Colored T-Shirt rags are great for mechanics, manufacturing, oil and grease, or service companies looking for economical wiping choices. These rags have excellent absorbency for light to medium duty usage and used as shop rags, bar rags, mechanic rags and more.  

  • Reclaimed Material
  • Color: Various Colors
  • Approximate Volume: 7-9 rags / lb.
  • For higher volume pricing please call 1-800-289-4737

For over 70 years, we have been a leading manufacturer of wiping rags, shop wipers, and SoftRags™.  We utilize advanced technology including eco-friendly compressed bagging capabilities, economical and space-saving packaging, and metal detection to give wipers added safety.

This product ships for free in the Continental United States.
10 pound box$25.00
25 pound compressed box$35.00
50 pound compressed box$65.00
250 pounds in 50 pound compressed boxes$300.00
500 pounds in 50 pound compressed boxes$550.00
500 pounds in 25 pound bags$550.00
1,000 pounds in 50 pound compressed boxes$950.00
1,000 pounds in 25 pound compressed boxes$950.00
1,000 pounds in 25 pound bags$950.00

Part #: 107R


  • Weight: 10 Pounds