The ultimate solution for handling spills and messes with ease and efficiency.

Here's why they should be your go-to choice:

Exceptional Absorbency and Strength: These heavyweight sorbent pads are designed to provide superior absorption and robustness, ensuring they can handle a wide range of spills and leaks effectively.

Versatile and Efficient: Featuring a perforated design, these pads offer unmatched flexibility, making them perfect for adapting to various spill sizes and shapes. This means less waste and maximum efficiency in cleanup.

Superior Wicking and Performance: Say goodbye to messy drips and spills! Our sorbent pads are engineered for exceptional wicking action, quickly pulling in and containing liquids, keeping your environment clean and safe.

Enhanced Durability: Thanks to their innovative dimple bond pattern, these sorbent pads boast increased strength and durability, so you can trust them to withstand the toughest cleaning challenges.

Whether it's on the job, in the workshop, or at home, our All-Purpose Universal Heavyweight Sorbent Pads are your reliable partners for a cleaner, safer space. Experience the difference in cleanup efficiency – choose quality, choose reliability, choose our sorbent pads.

This product ships for free.

This product ships for free.


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