NP-M50 8" x 10' Spilfyter Oil-Only Premium Sorbent Boom

Premium sorbent for extended-use/high durability. Now with 4x stronger rope & loop ends! Absorbs any oil or hydrocarbon while repelling water. Available in various sizes for a customized fit. Contained in a white fish netting sleeve which enables greater oil penetration and easy saturation indication. Strategically placed hooks to form a boom chain of any length. Forms a floating migration barrier to contain and absorb oil spills on water. Can be used as a barrier in holding ponds to retain waste and debris. Continues to float while fully saturated. Contained absorbent makes cleanup quick and easy, low lint. Use in the fracking industry for spill control response or prevention. Absorbs up to 75 gallons per bag.

  • Size: 8" x 10'
  • 1 Bag = 4 Booms


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