NP-SFO72 16" x 18" Spilfyter Oil-Only Streetfyter Double-Weight Sorbent Pad

Exclusive Grab & Go™ packaging allows for easy portability and storage! Bales stack neatly on top of one another—no more tipping pallets! Shrink wrapped poly bag fits tight around sorbent pads—keep pads protected when in storage or when kept outside in the elements! Source reduction—less poly used in the packaging! Absorbs any oil or hydrocarbon. No perfs or zips. Absorbs oil from water or land while repelling water. Keeps floors non-slip. Place under oil leaks and around machines. Float on the water to absorb oil spills. Use as a rag for quick wipe-ups. Use in the oil, gas, mining or fracking industry for spill control response or prevention. Absorbs up to 28 gallons per bag.

  • Size: 16" x 18"
  • 1 Bag = 100 Pads


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