NP-SFG70 16" x 18" Spilfyter Universal Streetfyter Light-Weight Sorbent Pad

Dimple bonded for strength. Center perfed for a customized fit. Exclusive Grab & Go™ packaging allows for easy portability and storage. Bales stack neatly on top of one another—no more tipping pallets. Shrink wrapped poly bag fits tight around sorbent pads—keep pads protected when in storage or when kept outside in the elements.  Absorbs and retains oil, water, solvents, coolants, etc. Available in various weights for a customized fit. Keeps floors clean and dry. Place under and around machinery, use to line shelves, and for clean-up applications. Use as a rag for quick wipe-ups. Absorbs up to 30 gallons per bag.

  • 16" x 18"
  • 1 Case = 200 Pads


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